The simpler way to manage IT & Security across your fleet of desktops

Managed, Secure, Cost-Effective, and User-Friendly Desktop for the Enterprise.

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Upgrade to an operating system made for enterprises

Gain peace of mind

Evren takes care of your endpoint security and provides you the peace of mind to focus on your business.

Scale your business

Leverage automation and scalability to deploy a new device in 30 mins.

Save money

Save on license costs, hardware costs, manpower costs, and reduce risks for your business.

User Friendly

User friendly operating system which requires no end-user learning curve.

Easily manage all your devices.

Evren's easy-to-use point-and-click web portal makes it easy to manage any configuration for all your devices, users, and applications, removing the hassle of managing a vast infrastructure and hiring skilled resources.

Your configurations are always up to date on all devices.

Point & Click Interface

Keep track of your devicies

Always be protected against cyber threats

Evren protects your devices and your organization against Ransomware, Malicious Applications, Phishing, and other unknown threats.

Application Sandboxing
Least Privilege Principles
User Activity Management

All the apps your business needs

Choose from hundreds of enterprise apps ranging from communication, development, and productivity, spanning all industry sectors.

Easily manage application distribution to your devices.